In the times of a pandemic, it becomes essential to go beyond regular cleaning and ensure 100% protection. We use the revolutionary Zoono technology, which is gentle on your skin and safe for kids as well as pets. Our product is approved by Dubai Municipality.

Car SanitizationWe are now offering a full internal vehicle sanitization service. A full service takes only 30 minutes to complete and the best part is your vehicle will be protected for up to 30 days from germs and bacteria using our revolutionary product. 

Key Services: 

Prayer Rooms
Restaurants & Kitchen Areas
Salon Areas and Waiting Areas/Lobbies
Play Areas (Indoor/Outdoor)
Public Places (Metro, Bus, Taxi)


Do you believe soaps and other detergents are effective in thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting your surroundings? In fact, germs and bacteria have been shown to remain on surfaces even after regular cleaning.

In order to completely eliminate these germs, much stronger chemicals are required to be used which are not good for human and animal health. At Right Vendor, we provide you solutions which are Dubai Municipality-approved and eco-friendly which also provide you with maximum protection.

Key Services:

Vehicles, Gyms, Institutes
Prayer Rooms
Restaurants & Kitchen Areas
Salon Areas and Waiting Areas/Lobbies
Play Areas (Indoor/Outdoor)
Public Places (Metro, Bus, Taxi)

Pest Control

Right Vendor is a professional pest control service provider.
We provide services for residential as well as commercial properties in Dubai.

Our team of experts are well versed in common pest problems faced by property owners.

Our chemicals are odour-free and we use eco-friendly products to eliminate pest problems. These products are Dubai Municipality-approved and are gentle, safe for both you and the environment.

Key Services

Bedbugs, cockroaches, ants,

Rats, mice, spiders, silverfish,

Pantry pests, flying insects and other pests

Right Vendor
Technical Services

Right Vendor Technical Services is the sister company of RVS and they are committed to providing solutions for all your Property Maintenance Needs.
Key Services: Carpentry Jobs,  AC maintenance, Electrical and Plumbing  Painting Services, Advance Cleaning Services, Renovation & Modification & Much More.


zoono sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer 50ml

Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Hand Sanitizer 5L (Refill)

Zoono Hand Sanitizer provides protection killing 99.99% of germs and stays active on your hands for up to 24 hours. Apply it in the morning as part of your morning routine. Zoono bonds permanently to the skin and will last until your skin naturally exfoliates. As a water-based product, Zoono (GermFree24) does not dry out your hands like traditional, alcohol-based sanitizers.

Surface Sanitizer 250ml

Surface Sanitizer 5 L (refill)

Zoono Microbe Shield Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs and protects your surface for up to 30 days. The solution bonds to surfaces. Unlike normal sanitizers work only when they are wet, Zoono is active once it dry.​

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